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Flamingo Horse Fly Sheet

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Summer Love Flamingo Horse Fly Sheet Blanket from Wonder Equestrian – the ultimate blend of function and fashion for the discerning horse rider equestrian. Designed specifically with the English horse riding enthusiast in mind, this fly sheet blanket is not only a practical addition to your horse's summer wardrobe but also a statement piece that reflects your unique style.

Crafted from 100% polyester, this lightweight and breathable fly sheet ensures your horse remains comfortable and protected from pesky flies and insects during those long, sunny days in the paddock or while out on English riding adventures. The adjustable and removable cross surcingles allow for a customized fit, ensuring your horse's comfort whether at rest or in motion.

But it's not just about functionality; the Summer Love Flamingo print brings a touch of whimsy and color to your equestrian gear. This fashionable print is sure to turn heads and make a statement, whether you're practicing your dressage moves or simply enjoying a leisurely day of English horseback riding.

For those looking for a complete protective ensemble, a matching anti-fly mask is also available. This ensures your horse is fully equipped to enjoy the summer without the annoyance of insects.

Caring for your fly sheet blanket is a breeze. It's machine washable at 30 degrees and suitable for the dryer, making maintenance as simple as can be. Just remember to close touch-close fastenings before washing to maintain the integrity of the fastenings.

The Summer Love Flamingo Horse Fly Sheet Blanket isn't just another piece of riding stock; it's a testament to the stylish equestrian who values both form and function. It's a perfect addition to your equestrian stock, seamlessly blending with your breeches, jodhpurs, and other equestrian English riding essentials.

Embrace the season with style and practicality. Let the Summer Love Flamingo Horse Fly Sheet Blanket from Wonder Equestrian add a splash of fun to your equestrian adventures, proving that you can be both practical and fashionable in the world of English riding.