What Are The Best Underwear For Horseback Riding?

Seamless Riding Underwear What Are The Best Underwear For Horseback Riding?

Whether you're a new rider or a professional dressage rider, horseback riding underwear is an ongoing barn conversation. We've all asked the question, "what are the best underwear for horseback riding", without a real solution until now.

We will outline the top 5 common problems associated with riding underwear and also address women's anatomy and the importance it should take in the design of not only Wonder Equestrian riding underwear but all underwear. Shop our Riding Underwear Here.

Riding underwear styles for Horseback Riding Dressage Wonder Dressage

Problem 1. The Dreaded Panty Lines

Riding breeches fit snug, meaning you cannot hide much under them regardless of the style or brand of breeches. This translates to underwear making themself known pretty easily. 

We've tried different seamless styles and while we can find a pair that will do away with the panty lines, other problems arise. No pun intended. 

Fixing Panty Lines with Riding Underwear

Problem 2.  Rides Up Bum/Crotch

There is nothing worse than having to shop your riding lesson and stand in your stirrups to adjust your underwear. There isn't any sly way to do this, it is either you make the necessary adjustments and finish riding comfortably, grin it and bare it but end up raw later, or stop riding.

What causes this mess? Friction between the fabric of your underwear and the fabric of your riding breeches creates this issue as they work against one another thus leading to bunching. moving and not laying in place.

Riding Underwear Problems Fixed, Wonder Equestrian Underwear

Problem 3.  Does nothing to prevent the dreaded veggie (as in, ahem, a vagina wedgie) associated with most riding breeches. 

WE know how some of these breeches are designed, don't get us started on that as that is why WE also came out with our own line of riding breeches...but that's another blog post. Other riding breeches have no accounting for a women's body's natural rises and anatomy which naturally lends itself to the dreaded camel toe, or veggie as we like to call it. Doesn't that sound so much better?

So basically, underwear should act as a barrier to prevent any of your clothing from riding into regions where it just doesn't belong. Our riding underwear has a wider gusset design and is much more comfortable, offers all vaginas the support they need and reduces those unwarranted labia insecurities dramatically all leading to a much more comfortable fit.

Problem 4.  Not Breathable

Yes, we know. Seamless undies help with a couple of the problems listed here but they are not breathable. If you are like me and have to ride multiple horses a day, specially in warmer weather the last thing I need is my underwear adding to my daily struggle.

The only fabric that can be used to make a true seamless underwear are synthetics - which, as we all know, is a vagina health 'no-no'. So don't do it.

BUTTT we were able to rethink this problem! The seamless fabric does allow for a positive flowing connection between the breeches and underwear, minimizing underwear from moving out of place so we thought HMMM, what if we added a natural inset of vagina-friendly material inside our riding underwear so we would benefit from the positives of the seamless material without the harsh negatives.

And guess what? It worked!!!

Problem 5.  Chafing.

Ill designed and bad fitting underwear will cause chafing when the wrong materials are used and they rub against you bare skin. We know that feeling of getting in the shower and the water hitting your bum, as you quickly realize your training today caused chafing and you yell out when the water hits the rub. OUCH! 

We took ALL of these complaints, and more, and got to work creating the BEST riding underwear.  And WE did!

We know that each woman is unique and beautiful and that a little extra support for your vagina is never a bad thing, especially while riding. This is why we created our riding underwear with a wider gusset for all of our styles and use vagina friendly materials. WE designed our riding underwear with fabrics that will not cause friction, create a smoothing, slimming effect, AND feel amazing while riding! No adjustments needed. Look how smooth they fit under the breeches!

Smoothing and Slimming Equestrian Riding Underwear: Seamless Comfort Under Your Breeches


Hey fellow equestrians, we feel you! The eternal quest for that elusive, perfect pair of riding undies to rock under your breeches ends here. We've all been there, grappling with the daily dilemma of what to wear underneath our riding gear, ones that don’t highlight your female anatomy. Those regular undergarments just don't cut it, do they? Well, brace yourselves because we're about to change the equestrian underwear game.


Our Smoothing and Slimming Equestrian Riding Underwear is the answer to your equestrian wardrobe prayers and the end of your search for the pair of undies that don’t ride up, rub you raw or just are uncomfortable. Designed by equestrians for equestrians, these seamless wonders are a perfect fit under your breeches, no extra lines, and no camel-toe worries. We're not just talking comfort here (although, trust us, they're like a second skin); we're talking a sleek, smooth slimming silhouette that boosts your confidence while you're in AND out of the saddle.


Our mission was clear, to bid farewell to those awkward outlines and uncomfortable fits. With our riding underwear, you'll forget the days of constantly adjusting and feeling self-conscious. We've tackled the issue head-on, crafting underwear that works with your riding leggings and breeches, not against them, which eliminates rubs, saddle sores or irritating lines.


So, get ready to experience a revolution in your riding wardrobe. We're thrilled to bring you this solution to equestrian underwear. Say hello to seamless, slimming, and oh-so-comfortable riding underwear from Wonder, finally, a pair that gets the equestrian life. 


Our riding underwear take into account women's bodies AND the unique design needs for specifically riding underwear need to have. 

Most underwear are thoughtlessly designed. They have a narrow gusset and do not take into consideration the variety and numerous different shapes of our vaginas, labia and vulvas. Every vagina is unique, and a narrow, ridiculously fitted gusset is one way to unnecessarily rocket our genital insecurities to new levels and really make wearing breeches even more challenging!

Smoothing and Slimming Riding Underwear for Equestrians. Seamless + Perfect Under Your Breeches. We get the daily undies struggle, we're equestrians. The never-ending search for the perfect underwear to wear with your breeches. Ya, we know, they don't exist....until now! We are SO excited to bring you our solution! We've solved the ongoing issues with wearing "normal" underwear with your riding leggings + breeches. 

We're happy to present you with our riding underwear! We're pretty proud of them and can't wait to hear how much you love them and how game changing they truly are!

Shop our Riding Underwear Here.

Riding Underwear Horseback Riding Shorts No Chafing

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