Equestrian Attire Essentials: Your Competition Checklist

Detailed illustration of the essentials for an equestrian competition attire checklist. This includes a riding helmet for safety, a show jacket for professionalism, riding breeches for comfort and gri

The Importance of Proper Equestrian Attire

Success in equestrian sports is not just a matter of skill and training, but also of presentation and adherence to strict dress codes. Whether you are a seasoned competitor or a novice preparing for your very first event, understanding the essentials of equestrian attire can make all the difference in how you perform and are perceived in the ring. Each discipline has its own specific requirements, but there are general principles that apply across the board. This checklist will guide you through the essential items you'll need for a competition.

Riding Helmet

A properly fitting, certified riding helmet is the most crucial piece of safety gear for any equestrian athlete. Not only is it mandatory for most competitions, but it is also your primary protection against head injuries. Ensure that your helmet meets the current safety standards and that it fits snugly without being too restrictive.

Show Jacket

Your show jacket should reflect the discipline you are competing in. Hunters generally wear traditional hunt coats, which are often blue, black, or green. Jumpers have more flexibility and may opt for modern, technical materials. For dressage, a classic dressage coat is essential. Ensure that your jacket fits well, allowing for full range of motion.

Riding Shirt

Underneath your jacket, a tidy, formal riding shirt or stock shirt is required. For hunter and equitation classes, a shirt with a choker collar or snap collar is typical. In dressage, a stock tie worn with a stock shirt adds the necessary touch of elegance.


Select breeches that are comfortable and comply with your discipline's standards. White breeches are a mainstay for dressage and eventing dressage, while hunters and jumpers may wear beige or tan. Ensure they fit well and avoid any that may bunch up or restrict your movement in the saddle.

Riding Boots

High-quality, polished riding boots are essential for completing your competition look. Tall boots in dressage and show jumping are traditionally black, while brown boots may also be seen in the hunter ring. Ensure that your boots are clean, well-fitted, and broken in so you are not dealing with discomfort or blisters on the day of the competition.


Gloves are not only functional, helping with grip and rein control, but they also contribute to a polished appearance. While color requirements can vary, black is a universal choice that usually complies with all disciplines. Ensure your gloves fit well without restricting manual dexterity.


A simple leather belt can add a touch of finesse to your competition attire. It will help keep your breeches in place and contribute to a neat tuck of your shirt. Choose a belt that matches your boots for a cohesive look.

Additional Accessories

Hairnet and Hair Accessories

For female competitors or those with long hair, a hairnet is essential to maintain a tidy appearance. All hair should be contained and in some cases, a hair bow that matches your jacket or team colors can be acceptable.

Spurs and Crop

Depending on the requirements of your discipline and your horse's needs, spurs and a crop may be necessary. Make sure your spurs meet competition regulations, and that your crop is the appropriate length for your event.

Pre-Competition Checklist

Before you head to the show grounds, run through a final checklist of your equestrian attire:

  • Helmet checked for fit and safety certification
  • Show jacket and riding shirt appropriate for your discipline
  • Breeches clean and comfortable
  • Boots polished and fit for riding
  • Gloves that ensure a good grip
  • Belt matching with your overall look
  • Hairnet for a tidy appearance
  • Spurs and crop if required
  • Optional: Rain gear or a warm-up jacket for inclement weather

Taking the time to prepare your equestrian attire will ensure you look your best and can compete with confidence, knowing that you are up to the standard in both presentation and performance.

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