Top Equestrian Fashion Influencers to Follow

Several stylish equestrian fashion influencers posing for a photoshoot. The first person, a Caucasian woman, is wearing a tailored riding jacket and crisp white riding breeches. Next to her, a Black m

In the equestrian world, fashion is not just about aesthetics, it's about performance, tradition, and personal expression. Just like in any other sport or cultural niche, there are trendsetters and influencers who are pushing the boundaries and setting new standards for equestrian style. Whether you're a seasoned rider looking for inspiration or someone who simply admires the elegance and craftsmanship of equestrian fashion, there are certain influencers you should be following. Here's a rundown of the top equestrian fashion influencers making waves in the industry.


1. Charlotte Dujardin

As an Olympic dressage champion, Charlotte Dujardin has not only made a name for herself through her incredible talent with horses but also through her impeccable sense of style. Known for her sophisticated and perfectly tailored competition looks, Charlotte effortlessly blends tradition with a modern edge. Following her will give you a glimpse into the world of high-performance equestrian sport and the cutting-edge fashion that accompanies it.

2. Jennifer Gates

Jennifer Gates, the accomplished show jumper and daughter of Bill Gates, is another must-follow for equestrian fashion enthusiasts. Her Instagram feed is a blend of her competition achievements and her personal style, which is both elegant and approachable. Jennifer is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking for a mix of high-end equestrian fashion and practical, everyday riding outfits.

3. Carl Hester

Carl Hester, a British dressage rider and Olympic gold medallist, is renowned not only for his achievements in the saddle but also for his classic and timeless sense of style. Following Carl is a window into the world of traditional equestrian attire, where quality and heritage are paramount. His attention to detail and appreciation for craftsmanship make his style one to admire and emulate.

Emerging Equestrian Fashion Influencers

While established names like Dujardin, Gates, and Hester continue to inspire, there's a new crop of equestrian fashion influencers worth paying attention to. These riders and enthusiasts are blending their love for the sport with a keen eye for contemporary fashion trends, offering fresh perspectives and innovative ideas on how to dress for both competition and leisure.

4. Olivia Towers

Olivia Towers is a dressage rider and equestrian influencer whose approach to fashion is all about expressing individuality while maintaining the sport's standards of elegance and functionality. Her social media platforms are a rich source of inspiration for riders looking to add a personal touch to their riding wardrobes without sacrificing performance.

5. Noelle Floyd

Noelle Floyd is not just a person but a brand that encompasses the equestrian lifestyle, including fashion. The platform celebrates all things equestrian, with a particular focus on the stylish aspects of the sport. From in-depth articles on the latest trends to features on what top riders are wearing, following Noelle Floyd means staying on the pulse of equestrian fashion.

Following these influencers offers a window into the diverse and evolving world of equestrian fashion. Whether you're looking for inspiration on what to wear for your next competition, advice on how to incorporate equestrian elements into your everyday wardrobe, or simply appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of equestrian attire, these individuals are your go-to sources for style tips and inspiration.

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