Close your eyes and picture your heart horse, the one who taught you so much, loved you, picked you up on those bad days, and made you fly? For me that was Wonder, the namesake + soul behind Wonder Equestrian.

I was in the process of designing this equestrian apparel line when my tragic loss of Wonder happened. In dealing with my grief I made the decision to pivot and change the mission and name of the brand that would honor the love, passion, connection + lessons that we learned in our partnership together.

Wonder Equestrian was born out of a love for horses and out of a love for riding. It is fueled by the daily energy + passion equestrians bring to the sport, by the power and trust our horses bring, and the partnerships that are created during this process. 

Our Mission: To strengthen the connection and bond between horse and rider. 

Our Vision: Wonder Equestrian is the trail blazer in creating + designing products for equestrians. We’re in the business to offer revolutionary products for equestrian athletes that improve + foster their connection with horses, cause no harm to our environment, and give back to our community by connecting horses + humans.  

One rider and one horse at a time. 

Sustainability at Heart: We believe in fashion that's kind to the planet. Our commitment to sustainability means each piece is produced with eco-friendly practices, ensuring you make a positive impact with every purchase.

Crafted for Performance: Each garment is a testament to our dedication to quality. From breathable fabrics that keep you cool under pressure to flexible fits that move with you, our apparel is engineered for the equestrian lifestyle.

WE are so confident you’ll love your Wonder Equestrian Breeches that if you send us a pair of your breeches you won't be wearing anymore we will send you a 30% off coupon for your next pair of WE breeches. And even better, we will be recycling the breaches to create more Wonder Equestrian Breeches.