How to Choose the Best Equestrian Riding Breeches, Full Seat or Knee Patch?

Full seat or Knee Patch Breeches How to Pick

How to Choose the Best Equestrian Riding Breeches, Full Seat or Knee Patch? 

Breeches that offer gripping to your saddle while stretching and allowing full freedom of movement in and out of the saddle are musts for an amazing pair of riding breeches, like Wonder Equestrian breeches!

Dressage riders will typically be in a full-seat fitting breeches. Wonder Equestrian offers both full seat, knee patch and breeches with no grip.  Full-seat breeches are more comfortable for riders sitting most often during their ride time, like dressage riders. Full seat breeches also give more grip in the seat–something that you don’t necessarily need when jumping.

Knee patch breeches are traditionally for hunters and jumpers, as riders are lifted out of the saddle more often. The knee patch grip gives you protection from chafing but also grips in the lower thigh and knee, as this is the strongest consistent point of contact.

As for pleasure riders and eventers, they may opt for either the knee patch, full seat and even without any grip.

Full seats and knee patches, which may be designed with matching or contrasting colors, can come in leather or using a synthetic material. Historically, the grippy section of the breech was typically made entirely of leather, which is still available in many brands, but the prevailing trend now is toward synthetic options, like a silicon seat. Silicone provides superior tightness in the saddle and offers the best and most comfortable fit for equestrians worldwide. 

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