London Deluxe Riding Breeches - Silver

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Flexible performance breeches for equestrians. Wonder Equestrian Deluxe Riding Breeches are made from our 4-way stretch activewear fabric and provide a slimming, comfortable fit for training and competition riding. 

You'll be able to go from your lesson to carpool to Target all while looking chic and feeling amazing. No more needing to change after riding, you'll want to show off your new fave breeches!

Wonder Equestrian Deluxe Riding Pants are designed to be flattering, functional and most importantly, to move with you in and out of the saddle. We've designed our riding breeches and equestrian riding tights to be the most comfortable + flattering riding breeches you have ever worn, pinky promise.

Our best-selling Wonder Equestrian Deluxe Riding Breeches utilize our love for fashion and fabric science & technology to create the best in equestrian apparel. It starts with our WE fabrics.

Our WE Deluxe fabric is a medium weight, moisture wicking (ahem, as in no more bum sweat're welcome), breathable fabric that is made for movement. Using our 4-way stretch fabrics our chic riding breeches are designed to comfortably hug your body in all the right places, offer continued support without limiting your movement, and function like well, breeches! 

In fabrics, especially for activewear and breeches a four-way (or 4-way) stretch is so important. A 4-way stretch means a fabric stretches and recovers both width and lengthwise. Think of those breeches that you have that slip on fine, look OK but once you get in the saddle they don't form to your body. They constrict and limit your movement instead of support + encourage full range of motion. 

Stretchy, fashionable and comfortable breeches from Wonder Equestrian are your new go-to in breeches. If you are looking for a heavier weight fabric (as in, offering more support/compression) shop our collection of ELITE Riding Breeches from Wonder Equestrian.

Wonder Equestrian Deluxe Riding Breeches:

  • Higher-Rise for Max Comfort
  • Medium Weight Fabric
  • Our Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Silicon Full-Seat 
  • Pockets for a Phone + Treats
  • WE 4-Way Stretch Fabric