Base Layer Short-Sleeved Top

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Our second layer of training riding apparel. These short-sleeved riding tops are buttery-soft activewear training tops. They move with you, made from our 4-way stretch fabrics, wick moisture and are the perfect length for tucking into our riding breeches.  Buttery Soft - Crew Neck - Short-Sleeved - Sculpting + Smooth

the VIP of your equestrian wardrobe: Our Second Layer training tops. Imagine being hugged by clouds - that's how buttery-soft these gems are. Designed to dance along with every jump, trot, and gallop, our tops are crafted with our signature 4-way stretch fabrics. They're not just about the flex though; they wick away moisture like a pro, keeping you as fresh as a daisy from the first jump to the last trot.

And the cherry on top? They're the dream tuck-in companion for our riding breeches, thanks to their just-right length. Whether you're strutting around the stable or soaring over jumps, these tops stay put, keeping you sleek and styled.

Sizing dilemma? Worry not! These beauties fit true to size, hugging you in all the right places for that fitted, yet oh-so-defined silhouette.

Our in-house model, standing tall at 5'10", rocks a size Small with effortless grace. Ready to elevate your ride with a touch of butter-soft bliss? Slide into our Second Layer tops and feel the difference.