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Equestrian riding underwear to wear under breeches
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Perfect Seat Equestrian Underwear

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Our Smoothing and Slimming Equestrian Riding Underwear is the answer to your equestrian wardrobe prayers and the end of your search for the pair of undies that don’t ride up, rub you raw or just are uncomfortable. Designed by equestrians for equestrians, these seamless wonders are a perfect fit under your breeches, no extra lines, and no camel-toe worries. We're not just talking comfort here (although, trust us, they're like a second skin); we're talking a sleek, smooth slimming silhouette that boosts your confidence while you're in AND out of the saddle.

Let us make your riding even more amazing! Our seamless riding underwear are absolutely everything!  Choose from our riding briefs, seamless and comfortable underwear.  Our seamless shorts are THE top selling underwear that will eliminate any panty lines, boasts a cotton inset and gusset crotch that all fight against the riding "veggie".

The eternal quest for that elusive, perfect pair of riding undies to rock under your breeches ends here. We've all been there, grappling with the daily dilemma of what to wear underneath our riding gear, ones that don’t highlight your female anatomy. Those regular undergarments just don't cut it, do they? Well, brace yourselves because we're about to change the equestrian underwear game.

So, let's talk. We get the daily undies struggle, we're equestrians. The never-ending search for the perfect underwear to wear with your breeches. Ya, we know, they don't exist....until now! 

We are SO excited to bring you our solution! We've solved the ongoing issues with wearing "normal" underwear with your riding leggings + breeches.