Equestrian riding underwear to wear under breeches
equestrian riding briefs, active underwear

THE Riding Underwear

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Let us make your riding even more amazing! Our seamless riding underwear are absolutely everything!  Choose from our riding briefs, seamless and comfortable underwear.  Our seamless shorts are THE top selling underwear that will eliminate any panty lines, boasts a cotton inset and gusset crotch that all fight against the riding "veggie".

Fits true to size, seamlessly fits UNDER breeches.

So, let's talk. We get the daily undies struggle, we're equestrians. The never ending search for the perfect riding underwear to wear with your breeches. Ya, we know, they don't exist....until now! 

We are SO excited to bring you our solution! We've solved the ongoing issues with wearing "normal" underwear with your riding leggings + breeches.

Chaffing: Forget your undies chaffing or rubbing your skin raw. Our seamless fabric with perfectly sewn in cotton panels for breathability are literally MADE to be worn as undies UNDER your breeches. Try to find another pair that will do this...hint, you wont!

No More Veggies (ahem, our endearing term for a vajayjay wedgie) We know, it's a problem. We are so happy to offer THE solution. How? We customize our riding underwear cuts to actually account for the female anatomy, to offer proper placement of sew lines and panels to eliminate the veggie!

VPL (Visible Panty Lines) Right? SOOO not flattering. Nobody loves the double bubble bum look that VPL give. Our riding underwear removes ALL panty lines, truly. 

Unflattering Feel GOOD in any of your breeches and wear our Wonder Equestrian Riding Underwear to maximize the comfort and eliminate all the reasons why we keep looking for better underwear to ride in. Our riding underwear deliver a flattering fit when paired with our WE Riding Breeches! Our riding underwear will deliver a flattering, sculpted fit.

Uncomfortable Who wants to be in undies that simply don't deliver anything but problems while you train? Our riding underwear fabrics use technology that is cooling, hugs your body, offers a sleek fit AND look amazing.